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Loving into Wholeness

The Mind-Body Collaborative

The mission of The Mind-Body Collaborative is to guide individuals to tap into their own inner knowing and calibrate into their authentic alignment. We draw from our clinical training and experience, various holistic modalities, ancient healing practices, participants’ intuition, and the work of other gifted colleagues. The word collaborative is multi-faceted in our practice. It means that we do not only work collaboratively with our colleagues, yet also with the support of the client's intuition, and the collaboration of their various parts of self.


Our work is to transform harmful personal thoughts, attitudes, and behaviors using the ethics of love. We encourage clients to engage with the mind, body, and spirit to gain a full sense of vitality in all aspects of life. We help individuals bring awareness to emotional blocks and patterns, allow space for them, and support in treating those aspects in a loving way for whole self integration.


Our theoretical orientation is a synthesis of Existential Psychotherapy, body-oriented psychotherapies, Internal Family Systems, Mindfulness-Based interventions, culturally-sensitive, client-centered therapy, yoga philosophy, and energy healing techniques. 

Holistic Services

Integrative Mind-Body Psychotherapy

Authentic Alignment Self-Development Group series

Reiki Energy Healing​



​​Corporate Coaching (Individual and Group Workshops)

"Breaking Self-Defeating Patterns in the Workplace"​​


Professional Development Trainings for Counselors

"Prevention and Intervention for Substance Abuse and Self-defeating Patterns"

Youth and Adult formats, corporate/schools/clinical settings

"Each time you meet an old emotional pattern with presence, your awakening to truth can deepen. There’s less identification with the self in the story and more ability to rest in the awareness that is witnessing what’s happening. You become more able to abide in compassion, to remember and trust your true home. Rather than cycling repetitively through old conditioning, you are actually spiraling toward freedom." 

Tara Brach

Aerial View of a Mountain River


For more information about The Mind-Body Collaborative - our program, activities, staff and more, don’t hesitate to contact us!

58-60 Medford St
Arlington, Middlesex County 02474

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